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It's The END

"There is no way that danger will harm us, we will live wildly, proudly Tearing each other limb for limb, eating gluttonously, roaming the earth, tearing households apart, drunkly intoxicated with blood lust, the top of the food chain, nothing can touch us,” Said the Dinosaur to the rest of his kind ironically. “Its the end of the world,” The rest of the dinosaurs cried out!

“At least only if you are in it— we're in this world, not of it." said the new creature in Christ to a fallen world-- so, the ails go passing by And when the world gets darker the children of God grow brighter. Just make sure you aren't operating disfunctionally, because Mr. bee you can miss the flowers and only see the storm, focused on the sun's scorching hum instead of the flowers alluring sweet chum.

When you do find yourself hanging on like a dead branch from a tree going through the motions season after season with no budding leaves in sight, remember God is close to the broken hearted a broken and a contrite hear he will not despise. Get yourself together, deal with the dead let your tears fall like rain from the skies to water the replanting of your new tree and the flower will most subtly attract the buzzing bumbling bee.

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