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 Hello wonderful people, this section is supposed to be about me but where I do even start? My name is Jamal McCray, I am 30 years young and I've never really been with the in-crowd I've pretty much always done my own thing my entire life, not as some type of fad or hip new movement but because it just feels right. So for now I'll continue to take my walks through the woods, enjoying life's subtle pleasures. Writing has become a huge passion for me, as a way to express what is within me. I never feel freer and more purposeful than when I write and it blesses another person. There is no greater feeling. 


God is first and foremost in my life above all things and this I don't say lightly.  Its funny how God can use circumstances in your life to show you gifts that you never knew you had. I started writing because I would have this desire to write letters and notes to girls I was interested in and my passion only grew from there. What started out as stories about eating McDonald's in the car with my girl listening to music, turned into spreading the word of God through my writings. 


I love the life that I have, I have been blessed and all I wish to do is to return the favor through the gifts that have been given to me. :)

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