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Black He(art)

Traveling through space

Attracted to hearts

Stuck in gravitational


Orbits no longer conducive

For their growth.

Large masses have

Their own gravitational

Force that causes smaller bodies

To orbit them,

When something of a greater mass

Comes near it can shift everything.

There are stars larger than our sun

In the solar system,

But we can’t see them,

So the sun looks huge

In comparison to all others..

It’s not until you venture out

And take the time

To journey that you come

Across the stars that make our sun look

Like a pebble in comparison.

The fast, quick, and easy approach

Isn’t always what’s best,

Everything good in life takes

Due diligence, persistence,

Dedication, and process,

The list goes on and on.

It’s easy to mismanage what

You think to be a pebble

And go after the sun.

But I tell you,

There’s so much more.

I’ve found It hard to

Show people the more

I’ve seen and touched

And been to,

When the sun is the limitation.

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