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If you would have told me a few years ago that everything that I was going through in my life was planned I would have laughed at you. I would have even took it as far as to question God why; why must I be alone, why must I feel rejected, feel isolated from all those around me. Why must my heart get broken by the people to whom I feel led by you to love unconditionally? Now, if you tell me that I'll smile at you and say yes, you were right; each event, whether good or bad is but a mere stroke of a paintbrush in our lives. If you focus merely on the sliver of color dabbed onto the canvas you'll never see the big picture. Oh but as soon as the painter continues adding stroke after stroke, the picture begins to take form and each stroke proceeding soon makes more sense than the one before. Without a seemingly heartbreak here, one stroke of the paintbrush; fired from one job here, two strokes of the paintbrush; you would never have received the better job and spouse God intended for you to have; the picture is now finished. Now when you stand back and take a look back over each part, how they come together so beautifully making you the person you are today, all you can do is give God thanks. Oh but the painter is not finished, up this painting goes on the wall, a new canvas; new levels of anointing, bring about its own new painting currently in progress.

The Beauty of Divine Solitude: Purpose Birthed .pdf file for Ebooks

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