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Warming Globally

Something about ice cubes

Melting in my sweet tea,

Because of the rising temperature,

Heat waves of racism

Felt by some, seen by others

But ignored if you really don’t care

Invisible waves in the distance,

As I caricature the loss of Ice

As a decrease in mankind’s love

While the impoverished are swallowed up

By greed of the rising sea levels…

Oh justice where art thou?

The land of drought—

Justice gone unheeded

And there a people suffer,

While the sea cried ever more

But only in places that could

Generate profit,

Where slave laborers

Flourished by the increase in

Precipitation of the weeping sea.

Everyone else—tsunamis,

Collateral in the trade of hurricanes

The constant fighting over natural

Elements betwixt man

Who owns neither land nor sea

Unless a piece of tree tells them,

The same tree chopped down

Extricated from its indictment

Of life in prison or on earth ,

To be hewn

Into something

Deemed useable.

If you change the environment

A flower needs in order to thrive

It will not blossom, no matter

How much polluted water

You water it with.

The earth and mankind

seem to

Be intertwined.

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